june 9 & 16
Anti-Capitalist Street Parties
Czech and Slovak Republics

June 9, 13:00 Bratislava Slovakia --- Street Party 2 . The second annual anti-capitalist street party event will be in downtown Bratislava (Namesti Slobody) Info-stands, vegan food, street theatre, fire-shows sound systems, and concerts. This pro-people and the commons, anti-road action comes at a time when the European Investment Bank (EIB) is funding a controversial bridge project over the Danube. Massive amounts are spent on roads while Slovakia's once-impressive public transport network rapidly deteriorates, and the Slovak railway service is being slashed amid massive layoffs and privatization (per IMF decree). (drugs, alcohol, violence, and bolsheviks not tolerated) For more information contact ba-sp2@gmx.net and www.streetparty.sk

June 16, Street Party Praha, Czech Republic. More of the same, only probably larger and hotter (you know the cops are loving anarchists in Praha these days). The bigger the turn-out the better (we are expecting 500-1000) Dakujem Sudruh! (thanks comrade!),

june 10-16
Europeans resistance
against Bush and his crazy shit

Hard to think that US capitalist imperialism and aggression could get any worse, then you get Bush Jr.. Well he's here and things are getting worse. New Star Wars program, intensified war in Colombia, regressing on climate change commitments, and pushing increased repression against political activists around the world.

So he's coming to Europe this summer and will be met by resistance where ever he shows. Brussels, Belgium; Madrid, Spain; Gothenburg, Sweeden; and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Check each of the sites for exact dates and events as some cities are holding multiple events around the time.

june 14-16
EU Summit
Gothenburg, Sweden

A large demo against the European Union and the upcoming Euro. Lots of focus on the racism and borders in the EU. these folks have been planning for about a year.

They write: "We are mobilising to the EU Top meeting in Gothenburg in June 2001 for two major reasons. The first reason is to strengthen the Swedish and Scandinavian left.... The second reason is that we want to continue the traditions that we in Sweden have had of participating in international mobilisations.... The network is based upon three main social questions; environmentalism, anti-racism and the feminist struggle.

june 25-27
World Bank
Barcelona, Spain

From June 25th to 27th the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics of the Worldbank (was going to) take place in Barcelona. Mobalizations have been preparing for this across spain and beyond and will continue to do so. Many of the plans are still in full gear, especially the multitude of conferences/debates/anctivities leading up to the days of action. Looking back in history, Barcelona as a hotspot of anarchist resitance will be a perfect place for the anti capitalist movement to make constructive plans for the future of the movement and our society :-).

A recent call to action says, "...after the cancellation of the meeting, we think it is essential to show that our movement goes beyond blocking the meetings of the international institutions, and to celebrate the proven fact that the people united can change the world. We must keep up the pressure against capitalist globalization and deepen the crisis of legitimacy that the WB and other institutions of global capital are experiencing with the aim of spreading the crisis to the heart of the multinationals themselves. Furthermore, in the process we aim to strengthen the anti-capitalist movement in this country and prepare ourselves for the future. "


july 1-3
WEF European Summit
Salzburg, Austria
From the 30st of June till 3rd of July, the European Economic Summit of the WEF will be held in Salzburg/Austria. Their capitalistic Vision of the future is not ours, neither the right-wing-populistic Vision of the Austrian Regime is - We call for Protests and Civil Disobedience against Capitalism and Racism in Austria and every other Place on the World. We are a group of activists, artists and musicians, mostly in or from Salzburg, which don't want to accept the bad states of our goverment, and the upcoming century of globalized capitalism. Resist - Together! - Demonstrate against the WEF on 1st of July in Salzburg

july 2-8
Border Camp
Tarifa, Spain

We have chosen Tarifa because of its symbolic value: the biggest border in Europe, the Straits of Gibraltar,where more than 1500 persons died trying to cross and where 1000 africans are arrested by the border police every month. The program of the camp is still opened and we expect that different organizations from Europe will come; also we are making all our efforts to bring people from Africa and South America.

july 4-8
Border Camp
Petisovci, Slovenia

The problem of immigrations in Slovenia is very accentuated. The Balkan path has been released after the end of Yugoslav wars, the State is dealing with the problem in exclusively repressive and violent manner, the European Union is pressing economo-political elite to stop any migration what so ever. The summer camp is going to take place between 4th and 8th of July in the village Petisovci near Lendava. The location is filled with symbolic. It is 1 kilometre from the Croatian border, 2 kilometres from Hungarian border, next to a dying refinery, in the place that was once a spa.

july 5-12
Border Camp
Bialystok, Poland

We see this as an especially important area for a no-border camp as EU politics demand that Poland take a tighter stand on people from the East, as Belarus heads more in the direction of xenophobic nationalism and as hundreds of thousand of people find it more difficult or even impossible to cross borders to earn a living, visit friends or family or just take a simple vacation. We plan doing a lot of work with the local population and on making actions that will draw more attention to the border regimes of these two countries and to the problems of border around the world in general. There will be some exhibits, concerts, etc. made by groups from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and perhaps elsewhere.We also plan some excursions and anarchist games during the camp. It is a good opportunity to meet people, have fun and to show opposition to the border regime! This no-border project is being organized by a coalition of actvisits frommany countries, mainly from Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

july 13-22
Anti-racist, Anti-sexist Summer Camp
Bremen, Germany

read here for more details


july 15-?
Summer Camp Vs Lockheed Martin Rocket Fuel Plant
Votkinsk, Russia

Groups in both Votkinsk and Chaykovskiy have joined Socio-Ecological Union, umbrella of about 300 enviromental NGO's, and "Khimbez", network against chemical pollutants in Russia. After lenghty court processes, local movement asked help from "Rainbow Keepers", radical social ecologist movement known for their direct actions. After two years of resistance, local people decided that new forms of resistance are necessary. Local people wanted to organise a protest camp, which Rainbow Keepers have been organised annually since the beginning of the nineties.

Rising Tide Germany

Rising Tide Netherlands

Indymedia Germany

Climate IMC

July 16-27, 2001
Climate - Summit,
Bonn, Germany

At the international climate summit at Bonn from July 16 to July 27 the participating states plan to prepare the Kyoto agreement for ratification which would mean a reduction of the CO2-emission level of 1990 by 5.2% until 2008-2012. Although the agreement is only a minimal consensus that wont be enough to stop global climate change, the US and Australia already announced that for economical reasons they have decided not to ratify it, an announcement that was followed by a wave of international protest.

july 19-23
Border Camp
Genova, Italy

In July 2001 the G-8 top will take place at Genoa (Genova), Italy. We, immigrants, antiracist and antifascist organizations and associations of this town appeal to all immigrants in Europe to meet in Genoa during the days of this convention, in order to demonstrate, discuss and start building up new connection nets at international level

july 20-22
G8 Summit
Genova, Italy

Each person is called upon to make precise choices leading to real cooperation and to the rejection of the paradigm implying huge economical and social gaps inside countries and between different countries; the uncontrolled exploiting of natural resources: imperial, colonial and patriarchal policies; the use of war as a mean of solving controversies between nations. For these reasons, we believe that, during the G8 meeting, Genoa should be transformed into the meeting-place of the human rights movements; asserting, first of all, equal rights for all men and women: beginning with the right to a dignified life, to freedom of speech, of expression, of movement, opposing the globalisation of rights to the globalisation of finance and trade.

Official Website
july 27-aug 5
Border Camp
Frankfurt, Germany

The challenge for the Border Camp 2001 is to make clear that there is radical resistance to the neo-liberal racism of the modernised anti-migration policy-even in the wealthy, worldly, multi-cultural Rhein-Main region. Besides the antiracist and antifascist interactions with those outside, the internal development of the Camp plays a central role. With 500-1000 participants each year, the Camp has come to be an important meeting point for different antiracist groups and individuals. The Camp has come to stand for the challenge and the difficulty of political co-operation. Precisely because the Camp is composed of a variety (every year new) of heterogeneous perspectives and against a background of different daily realities, we are obliged to talk about shared basics, positions and activities.

... check for updates http://www.ecn.org/agp/index1.html
People Global Action http://www.agp.org
No Borders Network http://www.noborder.eu.org